with your progress stretched out for miles; a Heroine Big Bang art post

So, a while back, abvj asked me if I wanted to be her artist for heroinebigbang. Needless to say, I was THRILLED. See, I don't know if I've made this obvious but I am a huge Leverage fan, and I knew she was writing Leverage fic, and not just that but my favorite pairing from that show-- Nate and Sophie.

SO. Without further ado, the art!

Banner [1]
Icons [5]

Disclaimer: the fanmix download will not be up until I get my computer back from the computer doctor it is going to see tomorrow; I'm lucky to be getting this up at all.

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jj, aj cook

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So fun story.

I had an emergency appendectomy last night! Yaaaaaaaaaaay.

But seriously, I am home already and doing pretty well! Mommy took me to the doctor around 2 yesterday, we were there till 6:30 doing various blood tests and imaging things, and then they decided I had early appendicitis and why wait? So they sent me right over to the hospital and I kid you not it was lights out and in the OR before 8pm. And then they sent me home just before noon today! I was pretty glad it happened as quickly as it did because I am good at fixating on things and obsessing about things, so I was glad they did not give me time to do that!

Don't be surprised if you see me on LJ more this week than I have of late, because they're making me take the rest of the week off, and I get stir-crazy easily.

Hey let's do a meme! Cause I am a meme-sheep! Shamelessly stolen from abvj because I liked this one:

Come convince me to write you a story by leaving a character/pairing/prompt or just by gushing or giving me details about a story you want me to write. ANY story. As long as I, you know, have written/know the fandom. I need a kick in the arse before my muse decides to get lost again.
is all you need

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if someone were to write a Het Big Bang (or possibly Little Bang) fic about Lily Leery and Alexander Wells from Dawson's Creek

would anyone want to read that?

what is this?

give a little time to me

so you guys are like....used to me disappearing for weeks on end now, right?

ugh life is just so boring, though. I've done nothing noteworthy, is the thing, and TV is in that awkward pre-May-sweeps period so I don't really have anything that I want to talk about, and when I do want to talk I feel like I am going to be boring!

or I vomit all my feelings to leobrat in an email.


  • I am going to an open audition for Disney Face Characters (princesses, specifically) on Monday, so if you want to cross your fingers for that I would appreciate it!
  • I am slightly in love with Mia Swier, aka Mia Von Glitz. It's a problem.
  • I'm also a little in love with Ed Sheeran's song "Give Me Love". It gives ALL THE FEELINGS. ALL OF THEM.
  • I have so many fics I need to finish writing.
narnia ftw

only when what we want is not a compromise; michael hodgins/christine brennan-booth (bones)

Title: only when what we want is not a compromise
Author: duchessofavalon
Fandom: Bones
Characters: Michael Hodgins, Christine Brennan-Booth
Rating: PG-13ish?
Summary: 'It’s entirely possible that she’s enjoying this more than she should, but she can’t help being amused that her male best friend is apparently a secret prude.'
Author's Notes: Soooo yeah. I wrote this a really long time ago and have finally declared it good enough to be posted. I don't know, I just really like writing next-gen stuff okay? (Also, sorry for the fic dump tonight-- I promise I will post REAL THINGS again soon!) This is sort of pointless, but there will probably be more bits that follow it.

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this post brought to you by Bubble Guppies

seriously, I almost wrote this post at 7am this morning, because right before 7, my wonderful sleep was interrupted by my darling Ava (who is 2 and half) crawling into my bed and demanding that I turn Bubble Guppies on. I only did not kill her because I love her.

we've had a pretty good day, though. she's been SO GOOD. but I cannot wait for her parents to get back. I am EXHAUSTED. I was so afraid she wasn't going to nap that when she fell asleep in the car after we went to get frozen yogurt, instead of going home, I drove her around my old college campus for half an hour first. she ended up getting 40 minutes in the car which was VERY GOOD because she DID NOT SLEEP AT ALL once we were back. she spent an hour singing loudly in her room.

so yeah. exhausted.

I'm ready for dance concert to be over, too. I want my brain back. dance shows tend to do this to me.